New Boys and Girls Club Director Settling In

A new director is settling in at the Toccoa-Stephens County Boys’ and Girls’ Club.

Cindy Arnold took over as the director in December, replacing Oliver Dorsey, who resigned in November.

Arnold has worked for Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs for 20 years, including 10 years at the national office.

Most recently, she worked in Dublin, Georgia, overseeing Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs in six counties.

She said Toccoa just felt like a good fit for her and she is glad to be here.

“I just felt called to be here,” said Arnold. “They were other places that I thought about, but every time it came back to here and I cannot explain it other than I felt I was called to come up here and so that is what we did. I say we, my husband and I, but we applied for it and I do not regret it. I love it.”

Arnold said she has the best job in the world because she gets to help children.

She went on to say that the community has been very supportive since her arrival.

Arnold added that she has a wonderful staff at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Toccoa-Stephens County.

“I think this is the best group of staff members I have worked with in my entire career,” said Arnold.

Moving forward, Arnold said she has a number of goals for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club.

“I would like to say that every child we have would go to the next grade on time,” said Arnold. “I want to be sure that we offer that academic assistance and we excel in academics. I want to be noted for that. Another goal I have is I would like us to be more involved in STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, the Lego competitions, the robotics. I did that at my last organization and it is amazing what you can do. You can get scholarships for kids. The way these kids think is amazing.”

She also said she wants the club to be a center of positive things for children in the community and host more family and community events.