New TAVT Takes Effect Today

Also starting today, the purchases of motor vehicles from today forward will be exempt from both state and local sales tax and the ad valorem tax, known as the “birthday tax.”

Stephens County Tax Commissioner Dene Hicks said that in its place, the new one-time Title Ad Valorem Tax, or TAVT, will apply to self-propelled motor vehicles purchased from now on, like cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

That TAVT is currently 6.5 percent based on the value of vehicle, as determined by the state’s Department of Revenue.

Hicks noted that even under the new system, individuals will still pay a tag fee yearly during the month of their birthday.

She also said that nothing would change for vehicles purchased prior to January 1, 2012, nor will the new rules apply to items like pull-behind campers and utility trailers. All of that will still fall under the old tax system.

As for vehicles purchased between January 1, 2012, and February 28, 2013 in the state of Georgia only, Hicks said those individuals have the choice to opt in to the new system or continue under the current ad valorem tax structure.

As for the new tax, Hicks said those who purchase from dealers should not notice much of a difference because instead of 7 percent in sales tax, they will now pay the new TAVT.

However, Hicks said someone purchasing from a private individual starting today will notice a big difference because rather than paying $38 at the Tax Commissioner’s Office, they will have to pay the TAVT.

Hicks has a video online about the changes in the law. The video is located at her website, She urged people to watch the video online.

Also, those with questions can call the Tax Commissioner’s Office at 706-886-4753.