New Voter Precinct Cards Going Out in Stephens Co.

The Stephens County Registrar’s Office is continuing to take steps to prepare for the switch to a single voting precinct on Election Day this year in Stephens County.

Starting with this November’s planned SPLOST election, all Stephens County voters casting ballots in countywide elections on Election Day will vote at the Stephens County Senior Center.

As part of that switch, Stephens County Registrar Theresa Kelley said that voters are beginning to receive new precinct cards from the Stephens County Registrar’s Office reflecting that change.

“The precinct cards that are going out are required to be sent out by law to everyone on the voter list,” said Kelley. “We have over 16,000 voters. I have sent out probably a couple thousand at this point in time. I have gotten about 300 (or so) back because we do not have correct addresses or they have moved out of county, moved out of state. For whatever reason, they cannot be forwarded on, so they are coming back to us.”

Kelley said that voters who receive a card just need to check it to make sure all of the information on the card is correct, specifically the voter’s address.

“If (the address) is not correct, they need to let us know so we can get the address corrected in our system,” said Kelley.

Cards are going out over the summer months.

Kelley said if the middle of September comes around and someone has not received a new precinct card, that person should contact the Stephens County Registrar’s Office to ensure they are properly registered to vote in the November election.

Meanwhile, Kelley said her office will also be sending out something called confirmation notices to some county voters in the coming weeks.

She said these notices are generated by the state.

“If we have an address and the Post Office has a totally different address than we have in the system, they will order a confirmation notice, which is basically saying we need to confirm your address, whether it be the address that is addressed to the voter at that point in time is correct or if there is a different address,” said Kelley. “Those will be going out shortly.”

Kelley said that anyone who receives a confirmation notice must respond to it immediately.

“We have 30 days for those and the system itself could possibly purge the person from the (voter) rolls,” said Kelley.

Anyone with questions should contact the Stephens County Registrar’s Office at 706-886-8954.