New Year, New Technology for Stephens Co. Commission

The Stephens County Commission is starting off the New Year with some new technology.

Some of the county commissioners are now using iPads to read through their agenda packets and follow along during the meeting.

Commissioners used them at last Tuesday’s meeting.

Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers said that the iPads and a move towards making the meetings as paperless as possible comes with benefits.

“They have iPads and then the clerk and the attorney and (myself), we are using our laptops,” said Ayers. “Our county clerk has downloaded software called ‘Dropbox’ and she puts their agendas in the drop box for all of us and we are able to pull those up and look at them on the iPads for the board and the laptops for us. That saves her a lot on copy paper and time to do that.”

According to county officials, four iPads were purchased at a cost of about $489 each. With cases and a service and support agreement, county officials report that the entire cost was less than $2,500.