NGTC Board and Chair Recognized

A state agency recognizes the North Georgia Technical College board.

The Georgia Technical College Directors Association recently recognized North Georgia Tech’s board for maintaining 100 percent board certification at its recently held annual conference.

The Technical College Directors’ Association of Georgia was formed in 1991 as an educational nonprofit organization.

It is the arm of the Technical College System of Georgia that provides training workshops and a certification process for local technical college board members.

The TCDA said it supports the technical colleges in having board members who are knowledgeable about the operations of the technical college system and are “work-ready”.

North Georgia Technical College said all members of its Board of Directors completed individual board member certification training last year and are fully certified board members and this year’s award confirmed NGTC’s membership in the 100 percent club.

Meanwhile, Mountain Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Chan Caudell, who is also the Chair of the North Georgia Technical College Board of Directors, was elected as a member-at-large of the Georgia Technical College Directors Association Board at the TCDA and the Technical College Foundation Association’s recent joint annual conference in Savannah.