No Problems With Elimination of Stickers at Stephens Co. Convenience Sites

Stephens County Commission Chairman Stanley London says the elimination of stickers for garbage at the county’s convenience sites is going well.

Starting Friday, the county eliminated the need to purchase stickers at a cost of 80 cents each to drop off a bag of trash at one of the county’s convenience sites.

Prior to the change last week, London asked the public to be patient and help make the transition to no stickers a smooth one.

He said county residents did just that and made it a good transition.

“We certainly appreciate the community going along with the program and sticking by the rules,” said London. “You just could not ask for a better weekend. We were concerned that there might be some issues, but everything went great.”

London said in January when the commission voted to eliminate the stickers that they felt it was something that would be good to do for the community.

County officials have emphasized that the elimination of stickers does not change hours of operation or close any convenience sites.

If you have any questions about the convenience sites, please call 706-886-1920.