Nobody Bids on Toccoa Pool Construction

The city of Toccoa will evaluate what to do next after no companies submitted a bid to construct the new city swimming pool.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse announced at Monday’s meeting that the city had received no bids for the construction of the pool at this time.

Morse said that the lack of bids may stem from the short turn-around time the city is seeking on pool construction and renovation.

“The feedback we received from potential bidders is that their busy season with other projects that they are trying to complete and it is going to be difficult to complete our project in the 90 day period that was given to them,” said Morse.

Morse said that the city will continue to reach out to potential bidders and work with them to evaluate the situation and look at options for moving forward on the pool construction to get it done as quickly as possible.

He added that the city is going to continue with the other parts of the project while those discussions are taking place.

“We are moving forward with the separate project to construct the bathhouse and pavilion at the pool site,” said Morse.  “We want the public to know that we will work as hard as we can to construct a new pool.  It is a priority of this commission.  Although delayed, the project will be completed.”

To that end, city commissioners unanimously approved forward funding the pool project on Monday.

The city has allocated upcoming SPLOST Six funds for renovating and rebuilding the pool on Doyle Street in Toccoa.

However, Morse said the city will need money for the project before it is available through SPLOST.

“Those funds will not be available until after summer and you know it is our goal to have the new pool operational as soon as possible, so we suggest you forward fund this project through loan funds from a local bank,” said Morse.

Morse said the city accepted proposals from numerous local banks.

In the end, commissioners unanimously approved a line of credit of $750,000 with an interest rate of 0.86 percent from First Citizens Bank.

Under that proposal, the city would be responsible for closing costs and legal fees estimated at about $5,000 and the principal and interest would be due on December 31.

In other actions taken during Monday’s meeting, Toccoa City Commissioners ratified a franchise agreement with the city of Lavonia.

City commissioners had previously approved the agreement, but Morse said Lavonia requested the removal of some language in the agreement approved by Toccoa.

Morse said the changes do not affect the overall terms of the agreement and commissioners approved the agreement with the changes requested by Lavonia unanimously.

Also, city commissioners also unanimously approved a new golf cart lease for Black Mountain Golf Course.

Morse said the new lease will provide for more carts.

While the city leases the carts, Morse said JKT Golf Group operates the golf course for the city and pays for the total cost of the lease of the carts, meaning the city has no financial obligation.

Finally, the city commission unanimously re-appointed Gail Barrett to a new one-year term on the Housing Authority during its meeting on Monday.