Police Offer Shopping Safety Reminders

The holiday shopping season is underway.

Today is Black Friday, which means lots of people headed to the stores looking for deals. Meanwhile, tomorrow is Small Business Saturday.

With stores expected to be full, authorities are reminding shoppers to keep safety in mind.

Toccoa Police Department Interim Chief Tim Jarrell said there are a number of things those headed to the stores should keep in mind to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

“When people are going from one business to another business and they are doing their shopping and bringing their merchandise back to their vehicle, they need to put the merchandise up,” said Jarrell. “Put it in the trunk of the vehicle. Do not leave it in the open where it can be seen. Make sure your vehicle is secured. Don’t leave your personal belongings or your pocketbook in clear view where someone else can see it.”

Police also said it is important for shoppers to be mindful of their surroundings while in businesses and parking lots, guard their credit or debit cards closely, and not leave purses or bags unattended.