Pre-Trial Hearing Today on Wilbros’ Civil Case

Attorneys for both sides in the Wilbros’ civil case are scheduled to appear today in Stephens County Superior Court for a pre-trial hearing.

According to Stephens County Attorney Brian Ranck, the pre-trial hearing will allow attorneys for the two sides to talk with Judge Robert Adamson about procedural issues, scheduling, the pending trial on the case, any potential motions that will be filed, and any other issues the judge may have for either side.

Back in February, Judge Adamson had ordered a trial to take place on May 21 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Stephens County, the city of Toccoa, the Stephens County School System, and the Concerned Citizens of Toccoa-Stephens County group have sued Wilbros over the odor coming from the facility on Rose Lane in Stephens County.

The two sides last appeared in court last December for a hearing on a request by the county and other plaintiffs seeking a preliminary injunction against Wilbros.

That hearing had been scheduled to continue in January, but was first delayed and then removed from the court calendar as Judge Adamson ordered both sides into mediation. However, that mediation failed to yield an agreement between the two sides.

Pending the trial, Judge Adamson had ordered that a consent order agreed to by Wilbros with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division regarding steps to take in an attempt to control and mitigate the odor would also be an official court order subject to the same enforcement as any other court order.