Proposed Land Use Plan Still Under Review

Work continues on a proposed Stephens County Land Use Ordinance.

Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers said that the Land Use Regulations Committee has completed its initial review of a proposed land use plan for the county.

“The committee has put together an ordinance for the Stephens County Board of Commissioners,” said Ayers.  “That ordinance has been reviewed by the Carl Vinson Institute.  Their comments have come back and we have answered those comments.  Now, our attorney, Brian Ranck, is reviewing that document.”

The land use map is also complete, said Ayers.

Ayers said that it is hoped all of the attorney’s reviews will be complete in the next few weeks.

At that point, she said the proposed ordinance will be brought forth to the county commission and the residents of StephensCounty for their review.

“We will open that up for about a month of public comment,” said Ayers.

She said it would not be a formal meeting, but instead would be many opportunities for the public to come in and learn more about the plan and how it affects their property.

Ayers said she would like to have a vote scheduled on the proposed land use plan for StephensCounty by the end of the First Quarter of 2014, which would be the end of March.

The Land Use Regulations Committee has been working on a proposed land use plan since March, after first meeting in September 2012 to begin learning about and discussing the topic of land use.

The committee consists of members of the community selected by county commissioners to serve on it.