Rabun Co. Investigating Reported Case of Adult Abuse

By Craig Salmon, WRBN Radio, Clayton

The Rabun County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate an alleged incident of disabled person abuse.

On April 3, Rabun County EMS, the Mountain City Police Department and the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office responded to a location in reference to the alleged assault of a disabled adult identified as Ashley Hamilton of Clayton.

Witnesses stated that the injuries occurred on April 2 and the following day, a home health professional encouraged Hamilton be taken to a hospital to have her injuries examined.

Rabun County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Gerald Johnson said that he has been emotionally affected by the situation.

“I’m certainly emotionally effected and very concerned over the thoughts of anyone being calloused enough to hurt any innocent person,” said Johnson. “This case involves several persons of interest. We must be diligent in our efforts to find as much tangible evidence as possible since our victim in not in a position to tell us what happened to her. It is in the interest of justice to see that no stone is left unturned.”

Authorities said that multiple agencies and professionals have been and will be consulted during this ongoing case. Also, authorities said a referral has been made to the Georgia Department of Adult Protective Services.

In addition, over 6,000 people have joined a Facebook group created in support of Hamilton.