Relief From Cold Coming Slowly, Say Forecasters

Bitter cold remains in place as the sun comes up over Stephens County, but forecasters say that some relief is on the way slowly.

Temperatures in downtown Toccoa this morning are in the single digits and wind chills have been down near zero.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Scott Krentz said that as the sun rises today, the winds that caused such problems yesterday and overnight will begin to back off.

“After daybreak, the winds are going to actually lessen up,” said Krentz.  “The winds in the afternoon are probably only going to be about five miles an hour.”

Krentz said that the coldest weather is likely out of the way, with normal temperatures returning slowly over the rest of the week.

“The high pressure is going to take a little while to shift off to the east and allow a more southerly flow into the area,” said Krentz.  “By Thursday, we will be approaching more normal temperatures.”

Meanwhile, as for where this deep freeze ranks in terms of the region’s history, Krentz said that it has been a while since northeast Georgia and upstate South Carolina saw temperatures as cold as overnight.

“For the whole region, the last time we really saw single digits for low temperatures was 1996, so it has been a while,” said Krentz.

Local churches and other organizations are doing their part to help those who need a place to get in out of the cold.

The Pointe Church in Toccoa opened its fellowship hall last night and announced it would do so for the next couple of nights if and as needed to help the homeless who need a place to get in out of the cold.

The church says transportation and hot soup would also be provided.

Those participating in the initiative at the Pointe also include Community Outreach Church, Faith Memorial, Ebenezer Baptist Church, The Salvation Army, Toccoa Soup Kitchen, Community Prevention Network, Esther’s Closet, and the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office.