Representative Gasaway Working Toward Improving Healthcare Coverage

State House Representative Dan Gasaway said work is moving forward to make some changes for the better in healthcare coverage. 

Gasaway sits on the House Insurance Committee.

Speaking Tuesday at the Post Legislative Coffee, Gasaway said one of the issues his committee wants to resolve is the problem of balanced or surprise billing. 

Surprise billing happens when a doctor who is not in a consumer’s health insurance network sends a bill over and above what the insurance provider will cover.

Gasaway said neither the House bill or the Senate bill addressing the problem passed this session

Gasaway said he received about 200 emails from constituents regarding the problem. 

He said the bill will be resubmitted in the 2018 session. 

Also under discussion this session Gasaway said was a bill that would mandate insurance companies to cover pediatric hearing aids. 

Gasaway said his Committee also addressed putting tougher controls on a section of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Bill that has to do with monitoring opiod and doctor shopping.

Additionally, Gasaway said the House passed HB 146, that approves health insurance coverage for firefighters who suffer from cancer. 

He said a similar bill was vetoed by the Governor last year. 
Finally, Gasaway said the House discussed adding more diseases covered under the State’s Cannibis bill.