Residents Make Appeal About Road to Stephens Co. Commission

Stephens County Commissioners will look at possibly adding a private drive in the Martin area to the county’s maintenance list.

At Tuesday’s meeting, a group of residents from Bowers Private Drive appeared before commissioners about their road.

The road is currently a private drive in the area of Whitworth Circle and South Yow Mill Road.

Residents said that the road is in dire need of major repairs and they can not complete the maintenance.

Stephens County Commissioner Dennis Bell said he has seen the road and agrees that it is in very poor condition.

“I can tell you from a public safety standpoint, an ambulance would have a hard time getting in and out and a fire truck would have a really hard time getting in and out,” said Bell.

County commissioners said staff will look at the matter and provide information back to them next month.

Meanwhile, another resident also spoke to the commission, requesting the county look at repairs to the first 1000 feet or so of Oak Valley Road, off of Big A Road.

In other action from Tuesday’s county commission meeting, Stephens County Commissioners approved two applications for conditional use permits for fixed wireless Internet towers.

Also, commissioners appointed Roger Duncan to the Stephens County Board of Assessors for a three-year term ending on December 31, 2016 and approved alcohol beverage control license renewals.

All approvals by the county commission were unanimous.