Royston City Hall Moving Today

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Royston City Hall will be closed today.

City Manager Greg Scott said that today is moving day and RoystonCity Hall is moving to its new location at 684 Franklin Springs St., which was the old library.

“We’re actually going to be co-located with the library until they finish the (new library) building enough to move there,” Scott said. “We’re going to be in what was the children’s section. We’ve already done modifications to the front of the building to allow for a separate entrance.”

Scott did say that anyone needing to pay a utility bill during the move will still be able to do so.

“They can still pay their utility bills by calling our 800-number or by going to our Web site,” Scott said. “They can also use the drop box in our current location in the Dill’s Shopping Center on Franklin Springs St.  “

Scott said the new city hall renovation will be completed over the next several months.

In the meantime, the new library, which was the old city hall, is expected to be completed in about four weeks.

The new Royston Public Library will consist of the library itself, a new technology/media center with computers available for public access, a conference room, and special children’s wing.

The library renovation project is being funded largely with a $1.3 million dollar bond issue from the State of Georgia, along with $55,000 in federal and state grants and $500,000 in donations from the public.