Royston Man Arrested For Printing Counterfeit Money

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

The Secret Service is taking over the investigation into the arrest of a Royston man charged with printing counterfeit money.

After a month long investigation, Royston Police Chief Donnie Boleman said an arrest came last month.

“A clerk at one of our local convenience stores noticed a bag containing about 18 counterfeit bills of five’s, 100′s, and 20′s in a trash can behind the store,” said Boleman.

Boleman said officers set up a sting operation and caught the suspect red-handed on surveillance video.

Arrested was David Lane Hart, age unknown, of Campbell St. in Royston. Boleman said Hart turned himself in to police after they told him he was captured on the surveillance video.

“He admitted that he made the counterfeit money at a residence in Lawrenceville, GA,” Boleman said.

Hart is charged with four counts of forgery, second degree. Royston police had a similar counterfeit case about this time last year. Hart is being held in the Franklin County Detention Center.