Royston Woman Accused of Scamming Co-Workers

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

A Franklin County woman sits in the Hart County Jail, charged with 68 counts of misdemeanor theft by deception.

Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland said 41-year-old Jennifer Arter of Royston allegedly bilked money out of co-workers at her job in Royston.

“She told coworkers her daughter had died in California and her grandchildren were coming to live with her,” Cleveland said. “She scammed at least 68 folks.”

Cleveland said his investigators were made aware of the alleged fraud about two weeks ago when one of Arter’s coworkers found out the story about her daughter was not true.

The actual total count of charges against Arter comes to 68 counts and according to the Sheriff’s Office, more people are now coming forward.

One victim, who asked not to be identified, says Arter also allegedly told her that she had several types of cancer.

Cleveland said the charges are misdemeanors because of the total amount allegedly taken.

Arter is also well known to authorities in Franklin County and is also wanted there on felony charges where she allegedly tried to scam a church, according to Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas.

“We’ve got three warrants on her, two are felonies and one is a misdemeanor,” Thomas said. “One is a church that was involved, the others were where she approached and told them family members were either dead or sick in order to obtain money. All of it was bogus and not true.”

Thomas said Arter will be transferred to Franklin County once the Hart County charges are finished.

Meanwhile, Arter remains in the Hart County jail on $68,000 bond – $1,000 for each of the charges against her.