SACS Re-affirms NGTC Accreditation

North Georgia Technical College receives re-affirmation of its accreditation.

Monday, the school announced that it received official notification that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has re-affirmed the school’s accreditation.

North Georgia Tech President Dr. Gail Thaxton said the school is thrilled to receive this news.

“We expected a good report; every college does,” said Thaxton. “We worked very hard to get ready for this point. We actually received a report that had no additional paperwork required. No follow-up report of any kind was required of the college. That meant that for every principle that they evaluated the college against, we met or exceeded those principles.”

According to the school, accreditation validates the quality of education North Georgia Tech offers and sets the school in the same league as colleges in the University System of Georgia and many of the state’s private colleges, which are also accredited.

Thaxton said accreditation also benefits the school by forcing it to evaluate all of its operations from the perspective of student success.

“When you do it that way, you really focus on things that are working and things that are not working as well as you would like,” said Thaxton. “You strengthen those things and at the end, it benefits the student.”

As part of the reaffirmation process, SACS requires schools to focus on seeking improvement in one particular area and North Georgia Tech chose to embark on a college-wide focus on math achievement.

According to Thaxton, the school chose to re-design basic math courses called learning support in order to better meet each student’s needs, help them progress more quickly, and ultimately hopefully graduate quicker.

“Putting all of that together contributed to the college making the decision that if we could re-structure our mathematics education initiatives through our learning support courses, we could do a lot to boost student success,” said Thaxton.

Overall, Thaxton said the staff at North Georgia Tech deserves the recognition that comes with the re-affirmation of the re-accreditation.

“It was just a great team effort for the college,” said Thaxton of the job done by staff, faculty, students, and board members.

She also pointed to the work of Kathie Ivester, who led the re-affirmation effort for the school.

Thaxton said the re-affirmation is good for 10 years, though the school will have to provide SACS with a progress report after five years.