Sandy Steele Named SCHS Principal

Stephens County High School has a new principal.

Thursday, the Stephens County Board of Education voted to approve Sandy Steele as the new principal at the high school effective July 1.

Steele moves to the high school from the Stephens County School System Administrative Offices, where he has served as Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning since July 2009. In that role, he has handled curriculum for pre-kindergarten all the way up through the high school level.

Stephens County School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten said that she feels Steele will do an excellent job at the high school.

“Mr. Steele has been instrumental in a lot of the initiatives that have gone on in the high school in the last five years,” said Whiten. “He is very involved in the curriculum. He is an instructional leader. I think he is the best choice for all of those reasons.”

In addition to his work in the central office, Steele has also previously worked as an assistant principal at Stephens County High School. He has worked with the Stephens County School System since 2005.

Steele said he is looking forward to being back in the high school, working with students and staff.

“First of all, I am very honored and humbled to be accepting this role,” said Steele. “It is a tremendous opportunity. It is a tremendous place. I am very excited about it.”

Steele said his first goal is to find out what the staff at the high school expects of him.

“I see a large majority of the job of principal and administration as to support the teachers and support the students,” said Steele. “Stephens County High School is a fantastic school and I am anxious to bring that to the forefront. When businesses come to this community, I would like them to say ‘this is where I want my children to go, this is a fantastic school, a fantastic school system’.”

Steele replaces Felton Stephens, who resigned as high school principal earlier this year.

According to Whiten, the school system selected Steele from three finalists for the job. She also said that the school system will move forward with filling the Assistant Superintendent position.

The vote to appoint Steele principal was unanimous, with his father, Board of Education Chair Jerry Steele abstaining from the vote.