SCDA Approves Budget Proposal

The Stephens County Development Authority has its budget proposal in place for the next fiscal year.

Tuesday, the Development Authority unanimously approved a proposed budget of $360,000 to submit with its budget request to both the city of Toccoa and Stephens County.

Development Authority Executive Director Tim Martin said this approved proposal comes after spending the past couple of months looking at the budget and includes no major changes from last year’s budget for the agency.

“What we have adopted is in line with past years’ requests and it aligns with our strategic plan,” said Martin.

Martin said the Development Authority’s strategic plan covers three main areas.

“We have a very strong effort to reach out and be attractive, recruit companies to our community,” said Martin.  “We have a very aggressive program to work with and support and encourage our existing industries and then the third leg to the stool is marketing and communicating,” said Martin.

Martin said that marketing includes a social media and web presence.

He added that besides those efforts, the Development Authority spends time and resources focusing on the product of Toccoa and Stephens County.

“Are we making sure we have the sanitary sewer, the water, the broadband, and all of those other features that companies are going to be desirous of?” said Martin.

The Development Authority will now wait to hear from the city of Toccoa and Stephens County about how much funding each entity will provide to the Development Authority for that budget.

The city and county will both make that decision as part of their budgets, which will be approved on or before June 30 for the next fiscal year.