SCHS To Get Rid of A-B Scheduling Next Year

Stephens County High School plans to move completely back to traditional block scheduling next year.

High School staff made a presentation on the matter to the Stephens County Board of Education Tuesday.

Currently, some classes at the high school take place every other day for the whole year, known as an A/B schedule, while other classes meet every day for one semester, which is a traditional block schedule.

According to Stephens County High School Assistant Principal Sheila Pressley, staff feels having everything on the same schedule would be beneficial.

“The staff expressed the need to have all classes on the same schedule,” said Pressley. “They felt that was very important.”

A survey done by the high school indicated that most teachers wanted to move to a traditional block schedule and many students did as well.

In addition, Pressley said that an A/B schedule provides less flexibility with scheduling and less continuity, and can cause confusion.

She said that switching back to block scheduling would help with providing more schedule flexibility for students.

“It should help with scheduling conflicts,” said Pressley. “It should help balance class sizes more.”

She also said it would reduce gaps between classes that occur during an A/B schedule due to weather, class trips, and other activities.

Pressley said that the high school realizes no schedule is perfect and adds they would continue to look at other schedule options that might work better in the future.

After the presentation, the Stephens County Board of Education voted unanimously to support the switch.