SCSO Issues Scam Alert

The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office is warning area residents about a scam reportedly making the rounds in the area.

Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley said his office has been informed of a potential telephone scam that has turned up in the area.

“The scammer’s telephone has routinely shown to be from Idaho and the caller is identified himself as ‘Adam Cobb’,” said Shirley. “He said he is representing either the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office or the Toccoa Police Department. We have had one victim come forward so far in this fraud attempt. The scammer’s ploy is that he is investigating the use of fake credit cards at local businesses. He asks for credit card numbers or information to compare to assist in his investigation.”

Shirley said he wants area residents to be on guard for this particular phone scam so as not to fall victim to it.

“If anyone contacts or purports to represent one of us, one of us being either a Sheriff’s Office deputy or Toccoa police officer, never release any sensitive information over the phone. Guard your personal information and never give it out to anyone unless you are certain of who you are speaking to,” said Shirley.

Shirley said any residents who receive a call similar to this should contact the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office or their local law enforcement agency in order to file a report.

He says his office is investigating the calls.