SCSO Receives GOHS Award

The Sheriff’s Office received the 2013 Bike and Pedestrian Safety Award at the Recent Governor’s Challenge Awards, presented recently in Macon by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley said the Sheriff’s Office won this year’s award for its bike and pedestrian safety program that it started.

“This award was given as a result of a partnership that the Sheriff’s Office created with several public and private groups focused on educating our citizens on bicycle and pedestrian safety,” said Shirley.

The sheriff went on to say that his office is pleased to work with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety on all of its programs.

“We are proud to be participating with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety,” said Shirley.  “We believe that this partnership will allow us to keep our community safer for everyone on the roadway.”

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said its mission is to educate the public on traffic safety and facilitate the implementation of programs that reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities on Georgia roadways.