Sewer Project Bids Remanded

Toccoa City Commissioners will wait for a recommendation from staff and the Stephens County Development Authority on which firm to select to engineer possible water and sewer line enhancements.

City commissioners opened 10 bids for the work at their meeting Monday.

The proposed project would expand wastewater service down Big A Road and then south into industrial areas of the county, with the proposed water enhancements included to ensure adequate support for the sewer enhancements.

Stephens County and the city of Toccoa have each set aside $1 million out of SPLOST V receipts, for a total of $2 million, towards this project. That $2 million was a local match designed to obtain $8 million in additional federal funding to help build the entire project.

However, while the $8 million was approved, it was never appropriated and city and county officials have begun discussing how to best spend that $2 million set aside to construct whichever portion of that sewer project or collection system they can with that $2 million.

Commissioners remanded the bids to staff for a recommendation and staff and the Stephens County Development Authority indicate they will work together to go through those bids and come back with a recommendation.