Some Commissioners Responding to Jackson Comments

Some city commissioners are responding to some of what Jackson has said regarding his termination.

Toccoa City Commissioner Gail Fry said it was a decision made by the commissioners after a lot of consideration.

“I would like to say that the decision to terminate the contract of Mr. Jackson was a unanimous decision on the part of the commission,” said Fry.  “It was not an easy task for any of us.  It was not made in haste.  It was carefully considered.  All of the commissioners are aware of the importance of stability in the management of the city.  Mr. Jackson had served two years.  However, we as a commission had to do what we believe is representative of the people and what we felt was in the best interest of the citizens and the employees of the city.”

Fry went on to say that she feels that the commission has a clear vision for the city moving forward.

“We do have a clear vision for the city of Toccoa,” she explained.  “That is using our resources to make Toccoa the thriving community that the citizens and future generations deserve and any action taken by the commission are always in compliance with the city charter.  (The charter) was written by our forefathers and we will respect and comply with their vision for our city.”

Meanwhile, City Commissioner Terry Carter said in an e-mail that “Mike Jackson provided nearly two years of service to our community and with his tenure as city manager, Toccoa finally found continuity in the city manager’s post.  While this transition is not happening as I preferred, the opportunity to bring Billy Morse back home as our city manager is going to finally give the city of Toccoa the opportunity to focus toward the future versus always having to deal with something from the past.  I am confident this opportunity along with the addition of Jeanette Jamieson and Evan Hellenga to our commission, will position Toccoa for a brighter and more prosperous future.”