SPLOST VI Meeting Set for Today

SPLOST VI discussions between Stephens County and the county’s municipalities will continue at a meeting this morning.

All sides are set to meet for another joint SPLOST VI meeting at 9 a.m. today in the second-floor courtroom of the historic Stephens County Courthouse in downtown Toccoa.

County government officials, along with officials from Toccoa, Martin, and Avalon have met over recent months to try to reach an intergovernmental agreement covering the split of SPLOST VI revenues and what projects will be funded with those revenues, if voters approve SPLOST VI at the polls this November.

Stephens County officials have proposed that the county receive 75 percent of SPLOST VI revenues, up from the approximately 65 percent that the county is receiving under the current SPLOST.

On the other hand, Toccoa city officials said they want to continue to receive 35 percent of SPLOST revenues out of SPLOST VI. That is what the city is getting out of SPLOST V.

Martin and Avalon are also looking to both receive SPLOST VI funds. Martin received $200,000 in SPLOST V, while Avalon did not receive SPLOST V money.

County officials said they are still working to determine if Avalon is eligible to receive SPLOST funds as a municipality.

All of the sides have until the later part of next month to reach an intergovernmental agreement on SPLOST VI.

If no agreement is reached, SPLOST VI would be limited to five years instead of six if voters approve it. Meanwhile, the county would receive the first 20 percent of SPLOST VI collections in a five-year scenario. The remaining 80 percent of the five-year SPLOST collections would then be divided between the county and the municipalities based on population.