Stephens Co. BOE Sets Millage Rate

The Stephens County Board of Education leaves its millage rate unchanged for another year.

Tuesday, the Board of Education voted unanimously to keep the school system’s millage rate at 18.4 mills again this year.

The school system’s millage rate has remained at 18.4 mills since 2007.

Meanwhile, school system officials say that the tax digest for this year came in better than they had originally budgeted for.

Officials say the school system’s Fiscal Year 2013-2014 budget assumed a three percent drop in the tax digest.

However, the actual digest published by the school system shows a 1.87 percent drop in the digest.

That drop in the digest, combined with leaving the millage rate the same, will mean that the school system will levy just over $11.25 million in taxes this year.

That is down from 2012, when the school system levied nearly $11.47 million in taxes.

The amount of school taxes levied has dropped each of the last five years, as the millage rate of 18.4 mills has remained the same.

Back in 2008, the school system levied just over $13 million in taxes at the millage rate of 18.4 mills.