Stephens Co. Commission Approves Humane Shelter Funding

Stephens County Commissioners agree to provide extra funding for the Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter to get it through the remainder of the fiscal year.

Tuesday, county commissioners voted unanimously to approve $57,640 to fund the shelter through June 30.

The shelter made the request after spending the initial $284,000 budgeted by the city and county combined for the current fiscal year.

Toccoa and Stephens County each contributed 50 percent of that budgeted amount, or $142,000, for operations at the humane shelter.

County Commissioner and Shelter Board Chair Stanley London noted that Shelter Director Jeff Roberts inherited the current budget situation as he came once the budget year was already underway.

Commissioner Dennis Bell also said he understands Roberts inherited a difficult situation.

Bell did say there are some things he wants to see change moving forward.

“The bickering between the volunteers has to stop, I won’t put up with it,” said Bell.  “The other thing is I want a budget cap put on it next year.”

Commissioners also noted they intended to honor the agreement they have with the city regarding splitting the funding 50-50.

The amount requested by the shelter and approved by both city and county commissioners is less than the initial extra funding request of about $73,000 that Stephens County Commissioners tabled two weeks ago when they asked the shelter to find more cuts.

Commissioners thanked Roberts for his efforts since coming on board to take charge of the humane shelter operation.