Stephens Co. Commission Gets Public Works Update

Stephens County Public Works Director Tim Mitchem said that his department is doing a good job in light of recent heavy rains and other challenges.

Mitchem provided an update on the department to Stephens County Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday.

He told the commission that in recent days and weeks, public works crews have spent a lot of time dealing with road issues stemming from heavy rains.

Much of that came to a head last Wednesday, when torrential downpours dumped four or more inches of rain on areas throughout the county in just a few hours.

Mitchem said that in many cases ditches, pipes, and other infrastructure put in place to handle rainwater were just overwhelmed, causing road issues.

Roads he updated commissioners on Tuesday included Buena Vista Drive, Dortch Road, Freeman Creek Road, and Pineview Road, among others.

Mitchem said the county public works crews have done a good job responding to the problems the rain has caused.

“With the amount of rain that we have had, we are doing well,” said Mitchem.  “We are holding our own.  We have repaired these roads I went over this morning.  Some of them are temporary.  We just have to wait for drier conditions to do a more substantial job on some of them.”

He went on to say that even with the rains, the department has also had to deal with its normal work schedule.

Mitchem credited the department for that.

“We still have the daily functions of the Public Works Department,” said Mitchem.  “That is everything from maintaining vehicles to doing our scheduled jobs that we have out there, being the Summit Ridge railroad crossing, the 911 (building) grading, tearing the (old) Middle School down, and all that has been progressing in the midst of all this rain we have had.”

He said the staff at the public works department deserves a lot of credit as well because they are down multiple staff positions and are putting in overtime to make up some of the difference.

Stephens County Commissioners said they appreciate the work that the public works crews are doing in the county.