Stephens Co. Commission Looks At Two Agreements

Stephens County Commissioners will take a closer look at a proposed maintenance services agreement for recording equipment at the county’s E-911 facility.

Tuesday, Stephens County E-911 Director Denny Folsom brought county commissioners a proposed contract from Quality Recording Solutions, LLC.

Currently, the county has a contract for these maintenance services with Gunby Communications of Toccoa.

That contract with Gunby runs through December 31.

Folsom said he has no issues with Gunby’s service, but said Quality Recording Solutions’ proposed contract is more than $1000 less than the county’s current contract.

“The main concern here was why were we paying so much for a maintenance agreement when we can get it from a company that does recording, that is all they do, for that much less,” said Folsom.

He also said Quality Recording Solutions performs similar maintenance for a number of other counties in the area.

Gunby General Manager John Smith said his company also does this work elsewhere.

As for the higher cost of his contract, Smith said his contract includes lightning protection where he is responsible for the cost of repairing damage caused by lightning.

He said he feels that is valuable to the county.

“If I am paying for the lightning damage, you can bet that I am going to do everything I can possibly do to keep it out because I have skin in the game,” said Smith.

He said his contract price could be brought down if the county did not have that lightning protection.

The Quality Recording Solutions proposed contract did not have lightning protection in it.

County commissioners unanimously voted to table the matter in order to look into it further.

In a separate matter, the county commission did unanimously approve an IT consulting agreement with Quick Technologies on Tuesday.