Stephens Co. Commissioner Harold Andrews Passes Away

Harold AndrewsStephens County Commissioner Harold Andrews has passed away.

Andrews passed away Wednesday morning, according to county officials.

Stephens County Commission Chairman Stanley London said Andrews’ passing is a terrible loss.

“Harold was a great guy to work with,” said London.  “He was just a super nice fellow, a smart fellow.  He will surely be missed.  Our prayers go out to the family.”

Andrews was serving his second term as a Stephens County Commissioner.

He was first elected in 2006 and then was re-elected in 2010 to another four-year term.

Stephens County Registrar Theresa Kelley said that the county has procedures in place for filling that post.

“To fill that vacancy at this point in time, the county charter to my understanding provides for the probate judge to appoint until a special election can be held,” said Kelley, who said that at this point a special election could not be held until March.

According to Kelley, that March date is based on state law.

Kelley said that any special election would fill the remainder of his unexpired term.

The seat would also go on next year’s general election ballot to elect someone to a new four-year term.

Andrews was 81 years old.

No arrangements have been announced at this time.