Stephens Co. Continues To Organize Planning Commission

With a land use ordinance in place, Stephens County is now organizing the planning commission that will help administer that new ordinance for the county.

At their March 11 meeting, Stephens County Commissioners appointed the initial five people that will serve on the county’s planning commission.

Then back on March 25, county commissioners voted unanimously on setting the initial terms for each of the planning commission members in order to stagger their terms of service.

Under what commissioners approved, Myron McClain will serve an initial term of one year, Joe Moore’s initial term will be for two years, Mark Smith will serve an initial three-year term, Mark Wilkinson’s initial term will be for four years, and James Addison will serve an initial term of five years.

According to Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers, the Planning Commission will have regular meetings and agendas just like the county commission.

Ayers said the Planning Commission’s job is to serve as a recommendation board to the county commission.

“The Planning Commission will either vote yes or no to send recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for the zoning request or text amendment request,” said Ayers. “There are seven or eight things that could come before them.”

Ayers said that no matter what the Planning Commission decides to recommend to the Board of Commissioners, the county commissioners will have the final vote on determining whether to approve or deny a zoning request.

To put a request before the Planning Commission, Ayers said the request must first go to county staff to get the process started.

According to Ayers, people can either contact her or Building Inspector Larry Krul about starting the process for a zoning request.

Ayers said that the plan is currently to have the Planning Commission meet during the first week of the month.

She said by doing that, the request could move to the county commission at its meeting a week later so that all requests are handled in a timely manner.

Ayers said she hopes to schedule the first Stephens County Planning Commission meeting for May.