Stephens Co. Hospital Approves Employee Health Insurance Plan

Stephens County Hospital renews its employee benefit package for the year ahead.

Monday, the Stephens County Hospital Authority approved the health insurance and other benefit plans for the hospital’s employees for the next 12 months.

Stephens County Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell said he is pleased with what the hospital was able to work out for employees.

“There are actually no changes to the benefits themselves,” said Gambrell.  “Employees will see, effective May 1, a fairly small increase in their premium that they pay.  I think it averages two to three percent based on which plan that they have.  It is fairly nominal.”

Gambrell said the hospital had a good year from a claims standpoint so it did not have much of an increase.

“We are really happy with that,” said Gambrell.

Meanwhile, Gambrell said the cost for employees for the life and long-term disability insurance policies offered by the hospital is not going up at all for the next year.

He also said that the hospital will pay more for its contribution to the employee’s health insurance, sharing in that cost increase.

Gambrell said that should not cause any problems for the hospital’s budget this fiscal year.

“Our claims have been a little lower than what was budgeted for the current fiscal year,” said Gambrell.

Speaking of the budget, the hospital reported that February was a tough month for the bottom line, mainly because of lower revenues.

Gambrell said that while it has been slow overall, the icy, snowy weather that hit last month was a contributing factor to those lower revenues last month.

“Generally what happens here when it is snowy or icy is, contrary to what most people think, our ER is actually slower on an icy day,” said Gambrell.  “On top of that, our routine patients that come in, say for x-rays or lab work, they do not get out in the snow either.”

Gambrell said that surgical cases were not really impacted by last month’s weather.

The hospital also noted in its financial report that the hospital held its expenditures down well in the month of February.