Stephens Co. Hospital Holds Love Light Program

Stephens County Hospital celebrates the holiday season.

Thursday, the hospital held its annual “Love Light” ceremony in the hospital cafeteria.

The Stephens County Hospital Auxiliary sponsors the event each year.

Auxiliary President Ann Hauerland said this event is one the auxiliary truly enjoys.

“We work for this all year long,” said Hauerland. “We cannot give every department their requested equipment, but we are so honored to give the ones that we can. It just means the world to us to help the hospital.”

During the ceremony, the auxiliary presents equipment that it has purchased with donated money for the hospital.

This year, the auxiliary purchased five items. They include an analyzer for the lab to help with test results, a laptop computer and related equipment to set up a mobile patient registration unit, a pulmonary function machine that will assist with testing, a special stretcher for cataract surgeries, and a recumbent bicycle for the hospital’s cardiopulmonary rehab unit.

Stephens County Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell said the new equipment will enhance treatment for patients at the hospital.

Gambrell went on to say that the hospital appreciates the efforts of the Auxiliary year-round.

“We are just very grateful for them, for their time, effort, and energy,” said Gambrell. “Of course, they do more than just raise money for the hospital. They are here every day virtually with their smiling faces. They are just good people and certainly they are an important part of Stephens County Hospital.”

This year’s “Love Light” ceremony was held in memory of Mary Jane Breuer, a former Auxiliary member who passed away this past year at the age of 93. One of her family members officially lit the “Love Light” tree in front of Stephens County Hospital.

Hauerland said that Breuer was very dedicated to the Auxiliary.

“She had 8,000 hours of service with our auxiliary and she passed away this year,” said Hauerland. “Of course, we are going to miss her, but what a legacy she left.”

Gambrell added that Breuer was a pleasure to be around.

“She was just one of those real spry that you knew where you stood with her all the time,” said Gambrell. “She worked in our gift shop here in the front lobby. That was her favorite place to work and usually that is where she was assigned. She was just a wonderful lady.”

Thursday’s “Love Light” event also included refreshments and entertainment from the praise band at First Alliance Church of Toccoa.