Stephens Co. Hospital Names Nurse Heroes

Scroggs (left) and Randall (right)

Scroggs (left) and Randall (right)

Stephens County Hospital names its Nurse Heroes for 2014.

Last month, the hospital announced the two winners of this year’s annual award as part of Nurses’ Week.

Typically, only one person receives the Nurse Hero award for any given year.

However, Stephens County Hospital Director of Nursing Faye Taylor said this year, the hospital had an overwhelming number of excellent candidates for the award.

“When we started looking at who to award the actual hero to, we could not narrow it down to one person, so we had two who shared the honor this year,” said Taylor.

This year’s Nurse Heroes are Sheila Scroggs and Debra Randall.

Scroggs is a LPN in the pediatric unit, while Randall is a RN on the Medical Unit.

Taylor said both are very deserving of the recognition.

“They were both recognized by their peers for their general nursing ability and expertise and their willingness to help all departments,” said Taylor. “These two are seen in other areas of the hospital other than their home departments, helping and always positive and with a smile. Our nursing staff chose some really good people to represent them this year.”

All nursing department employees at Stephens County Hospital are eligible to win the Nurse Hero award.

Winners are chosen from a group of finalists that are nominated by the nurses at the hospital.

Taylor said that while only 10 were recognized as Nurse Hero finalists, Stephens County Hospital’s entire nursing staff does a great job.

“Really, all of our staff are heroes,” said Taylor. “They all work really hard. Sometimes, they are asked to go to other departments and work. That is always tough. You get used to your home department, but our staff just go and perform. They realize all of our patients belong to all of us.”

Taylor said the hospital is fortunate to have the quality nursing staff that it does.