Stephens Co. Hospital Offers Bill Discount

Stephens County Hospital is offering those who owe the hospital money an opportunity to pay that bill off at a discount.

According to Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell, the hospital is offering a discount through the end of next month.

“Through April 30, we are offering a 20 percent discount to any patient who pays a hospital bill off in full,” said Gambrell.

Gambrell went on to say that it does not matter how old the bill is, it is eligible for this program.

“It does not have to be within a certain date, it can be from two or three years ago,” he added. “There is no restriction on how old the bill can be.”

Stephens County Hospital offered a similar opportunity last year and Gambrell said it was successful, with a lot of people taking advantage of it.

In a separate financial note from Stephens County Hospital, officials are looking for a better month financially this month after a tough February on the financial front.

Gambrell called February a difficult month.

He explained that revenues last month at Stephens County Hospital were off 20 percent from what was budgeted.

“It was just a slow month,” said Gambrell. “It was uncanny because we had an approximately 10-day period in the middle of February where we were just slow. Then, around February 20th or 22nd or somewhere along then, it just picked up suddenly and been fairly steady since. But, for whatever reason, we can’t answer, we had a significant lull in the middle of Feburary, which is really unusual for the wintertime.”

February’s revenue challenges come after the month of January, when the hospital also reported that revenues were off. Stephens County Hospital reported positive bottom lines for the first three months of its fiscal year.