Stephens Co. Hospital Receives Joint Commission Re-Accreditation

Stephens County Hospital receives good news on its re-accreditation.

According to Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell, surveyors from the Joint Commission came late last month for three days to inspect the hospital in order to determine whether it would be re-accredited.

Gambrell said the hospital has received that re-accreditation.

He called the report from the Joint Commission a very positive one.

“It was a great survey,” said Gambrell.  “There were, I think they said, 1200 standards that you have to comply with and there were only two that they called direct (findings) that we need to fix now and the other nine are things we should fix, but they are more of a suggestion than a requirement.”

Gambrell said the surveyors were very complementary of the hospital.

“One of them even commented that this was one of the best surveys he had participated on in a while,” said Gambrell.

Regarding those two direct findings, Gambrell says one involved no longer mixing an initial IV in the newborn unit when needed there, but rather doing it in the pharmacy, as it is otherwise always done.  The other direct finding involved changing the type of lock the hospital had on some doors.

Gambrell said the hospital is already addressing both of those direct findings to comply with the Joint Commission’s recommendation.

Based out of Chicago, the Joint Commission accredits most of the hospitals in the United   States, as well as certifying hospitals in other parts of the world.

According to Gambrell, Joint Commission accreditation is a well-regarded standard to meet in the industry.

“The federal government recognizes them to the degree that hospitals that are accredited by Joint Commission, the federal government does not come in and inspect them because they depend on Joint Commission to inspect hospitals,” said Gambrell, who added all of the standards that must be met are centered on quality of care and patient safety.

Gambrell went on to say the report is a testament to the doctors and staff at Stephens County Hospital.

“I am very proud, not just of any one person, but I am proud of the whole hospital,” said Gambrell.  “The employees worked hard for this.  I am tickled pink with the whole thing.”

Stephens County Hospital’s Joint Commission re-accreditation is good for a three-year period.