Stephens Co. Looking At Body Art Ordinance

Stephens County is working towards implementing a body art code and regulations ordinance.

County commissioners conducted a first reading and public hearing on the proposed ordinance at their meeting Tuesday.

Stephens County Commission Chairman Stanley London said the ordinance would just allow the county to enforce rules already implemented by the Stephens County Board of Health for body art establishments.

“It basically just allows the county to adopt the same ordinance that the Department of Health implemented and it just gives another branch of enforcement,” said London, who explained the ordinance would allow the county marshal to enforce the rules.

According to London, those new rules include not only permitting and inspection fees approved recently by the county, but rules covering areas like record-keeping and a facility’s conditions.

London went on to say that the existing body art establishments helped with getting the new rules in place.

Nobody signed up to speak during a public hearing on the proposed ordinance Tuesday.

County commissioners will hold a second reading of the proposed ordinance before voting on its adoption at their next meeting on March 26.