Stephens Co. Registrar on Election

The final unofficial numbers show that more than 9,500 voters cast ballots in Stephens County Tuesday.

In all, 9,546 registered voters turned out in the county, which equals a turnout of 68.78 percent. Out of those 5,735 voted in advance at the Stephens County Government Building or via a mail-in ballot, while 3,811 voted at the precincts Tuesday.

Stephens County Registrar Theresa Kelley said that she appreciates the efforts of the poll workers throughout the day on Tuesday.

“They were out there working hard,” said Kelley. “They were really, really busy today. I appreciate everything they have done. I cannot run an election without poll workers. They put up with a long day today.”

While polls closed at 7 p.m., the final unofficial results were not completed until around midnight in Stephens County.

Kelley said that the 570 or so paper ballots were the main reason for the delay.

“They are folded again and sometimes we have problems with that and sometimes it (the machine) just does not read them,” said Kelley.

She went on to say that there were no major problems at the polling places during Election Day.

However, she did say that there were problems surrounding people arriving at a polling place to vote who were in fact not registered to vote.

Kelley said that it is imperative that when someone registers to vote or changes their address or other voter information through a means other than the Registrar’s Office, they check to make sure that information was received by the Registrar’s Office.

“If you do not get a precinct card and it has been at least two weeks (since you have registered or changed information), then you need to be calling me to find out where it is and if I have gotten the information,” said Kelley, who added people can also check their registration status online at the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office website.

Statewide, more than 3.8 million ballots were cast Tuesday for a turnout of 71.2 percent.

All results are unofficial until they are certified.

Stephens County had 15 provisional ballots.