Stephens Co. Says It Will Cite Property Owners if Address Not Posted Properly

Stephens County officials said this week the county plans to crack down on those who have not posted their correct E-911 address properly.

According to an announcement from Stephens County’s E-911 Department, many residents still have not posted their designated E-911 street address as required by the county’s posting ordinance.

Stephens County E-911 Director Rex Nelms said that because numbers are not posted or are posted incorrectly, the strict enforcement of the ordinance is beginning immediately and the Stephens County Marshal will be issuing citations for violations.

According to Nelms, the purpose of the ordinance is to ensure that all county residents have there designated street address number so in the time of need for emergency response, the responders are better able to find the resident’s address in a timely manner.

Nelms said that when the incorrect numbers or no numbers posted occurs during an emergency situation, the responders are having a difficult time finding the correct address.

According to county ordinances, the address shall be posted and clearly visible at the driveway of a residence or structure, except in cases such as mobile home parks, apartments, and duplexes, where the number shall be posted on the mobile home, walkway, or apartment door, depending on the situation.

The ordinance also stated that the penalty for not having an address properly posted is $25 per day.

Stephens County began implementing E-911 addresses in early 2008 and E-911 addresses became the sole addresses to be used in January 2009, after a one-year period to convert over.

Stricter enforcement of the E-911 address-posting ordinance comes following statements made by the Land Use Regulation Committee earlier this month. In those statements, the committee told the county commission it felt stricter enforcement of current ordinances was needed and cited the E-911 posting ordinance as an example.