Stephens Co. Schools After School Program Holds Parent Night

The Stephens County School System’s after-school program holds its first parent night.

The after-school program held that parent night last Thursday at the Family Life Center at First Alliance Church.

Stephens County School System 21st Century Community Learning Center Program Coordinator Karen Brady said this was the first of four parent nights that they will hold throughout the year.

She said she was very pleased with the turnout for the first one and how it went.

“We tried to bring a lot of community partners to be a part of this,” said Brady.

The event included a spaghetti dinner, information from those community partners, which included local businesses, and a free clothes closet.

Brady went on to say that these parent nights provide an important opportunity to reach out to the parents of the students involved in the after-school program.

“Research has shown that if parents are involved in education, children will complete their education and go on, so we feel like it is a vital part to get these parents involved as much as possible,” said Brady.

The after-school program takes place in each StephensCountySchool, starting after school ends and lasting until 6 p.m.

During the program, students receive homework help and tutoring, as well have the opportunity to work with technology and enjoy enrichment activities as well.

Brady said the program is going very well so far this school year.

“We do not have quite all the numbers that we can have, so we can take on more students,” said Brady.  “We are really encouraging the teachers and principals to make referrals, but we have had a smooth start.  Everybody is excited about it.  We have kids coming back and asking to be a part of it, so that speaks well of the program.”

This is the fourth year that the Stephens County School System has run an after-school program through the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant.

The federal grant has provided more than $300,000 per year for the last four years to run the program.

School officials said that they are seeking other funding sources for the program to replace the 21st Century grant, which is set to expire at the end of this year.