Stephens Co. Schools Form Student Advisory Council

The Stephens County School System now has a student advisory council.

School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten said she created the group recently.

Whiten said she felt it was important to not just talk with faculty and the community about the schools, but to also hear from the students themselves.

“As we started looking towards becoming a charter system, we spoke to a lot of community members (and) to a lot of our faculty members, but one group that was missing was being able to speak to our students.”

According to Whiten, she selected about 35 students from Stephens County Middle School and Stephens County High School to serve on the student advisory council.

“(It is) just a well-rounded group,” said Whiten.

The student advisory council held its first meeting last week.

Whiten said it got off to a great start.

“We looked at some things from over the past five years, looking at some of their academic accomplishments so that they would know just what a great job they do,” said Whiten.  “We also had the opportunity to do some fun activities and we also had some time where the students were able to tell us the good things that are going on at their school.  We asked them ‘What are we doing right?’ and we got some great answers.  We also asked them ‘What are some of the things that as a school system we need to work on?’.”

Whiten said the students were very insightful.

She said she will meet a few more times this year with the student advisory council.