Stephens Co. Schools Receive EOCT Scores

Stephens County receives its state results on End of Course Testing for last school year.

The Georgia Department of Education recently released district level results.

In Stephens County, the number of students that met or exceeded the standard on exams were as follows:

  • American Literature and Composition — 93.5 percent
  • Analytic Geometry — 23.9 percent
  • Biology — 74.3 percent
  • Coordinate Algebra — 45.6 percent
  • Economics — 82.3 percent
  • Math II — 20 percent
  • Ninth Grade Literature and Composition — 86.2 percent
  • Physical Science — 95.6 percent
  • U.S. History — 78.2 percent

Stephens County School Superintendent Bryan Dorsey said the school system has reviewed the results and takes them seriously.

“When we look at schools that have similar demographics to ours, we are certainly in the upper echelon and we are holding our own with the state and (Pioneer) RESA,” said Dorsey. “We do absolutely appreciate and are encouraged by students’ performance in Physical Science and Literature areas. Staff has worked very hard in those areas.”

Dorsey noted the transitions taking place across the state in Math and the challenges that has brought with it from a testing standpoint.

“We are no exception there and are looking at those challenges to make sure we get our students well prepared in those areas as well,” said Dorsey.

For example, Math II is being phased out as part of the changes, so only a small group of students in Stephens County took that exam this past year.

In addition, the Analytic Geometry exam was a brand new exam statewide and across Georgia, 35 percent of students met or exceeded the standard.

Looking at other state averages, Stephens County surpassed the state average on the American Literature and Composition, Coordinate Algebra, Economics, Physical Science, and U.S. History exams.

The school system came in within a percent of the state average on Biology and was less than two percent below the state average on Ninth Grade Literature and Composition.

Officials with the Georgia Department of Education said students took the EOCT’s for the last time this year.

Beginning next year, all students in grades 3 through 12 will take the Georgia Milestones.

The Georgia Department of Education said the new testing system is one consistent program, rather than a series of individual tests.