Stephens Co. Special Olympics Holds Spring Games

Stephens County Special Olympics holds its annual Spring Games.

The annual event took place Friday at the Stephens County High School track.

Local Special Olympics Coordinator Kevin Phillips said everything went well and the athletes had a great time.

“The rain did hold off,” said Phillips. “Everything seems to be going good. We had a lot of people come out and support the athletes (like) vendors and Stephens County High School. We had a great crowd. I am really proud of the way it turned out.”

About 95 to 100 athletes took part in a number of track and field events.

This year for the first time, that group of athletes included a group of “master athletes” that are out of high school.

Phillips said it was great to involve those older athletes for the first time as a group.

“They had not been a part of this since they graduated high school so they were really excited to be a part of it and we are too,” said Phillips.

Phillips went on to say that Stephens County Special Olympics received a lot of support from many different groups and individuals in the community for the Spring Games.

He said that the support is greatly appreciated.

“I just like to thank the management team staff, all the people that donated,” said Phillips.

Phillips said anyone who wants to volunteer with Special Olympics, make a donation to support Special Olympics, or get involved with the organization can call 706-244-4135.