Stephens Co. To Look at Possible E-911 Communications Equipment Upgrades

Stephens County will take time to look at what equipment upgrades, if any, are needed for the county’s E-911 communications.

Following an executive session on Tuesday, commissioners voted 4-1 to reject all bids for Stephens County Emergency Communications radio infrastructure, dispatch radio console, and telephone system maintenance agreement.  Commissioner Stanley London voted “no.”

Then, commissioners unanimously approved a motion to extend the county’s current contract with Gunby Communications of Toccoa on a quarterly basis as needed to allow time to determine the needed equipment upgrades.

Earlier this year, Stephens County considered a proposal to sign a contract with a different company than Gunby for maintenance services on the county’s E-911 equipment.

That contract would have save the county money, but Gunby said its contract ran through the end of the year and also notes it provides more services for the county for that higher cost.

Elsewhere, Stephens County Commissioners unanimously approved a service contract for waste disposal services for the county’s convenience site and landfill.

Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers said that the county received just one bid for the contract from Waste Management.

Ayers said the Waste Management contract will save the county about $6,500 a year based on the costs accrued in October.

Finally, Stephens County employees will receive bonus checks.

Tuesday, Stephens County Commissioners unanimously approved calendar year 2013 bonus checks to the county employees.

Ayers said the county has typically approved $100 for a full-time employee and $50 for a part-time employee.

She said that while the budget is tight, she felt this was something the county could fund this fiscal year.

The total cost to the county will be just over $16,000.

County commissioners thanked county employees for their hard work throughout the year.