Stephens Co. Urges Residents With Odor Complaints to Keep Contacting Marshal

Stephens County officials want local residents to keep contacting the county marshal if they have complaints about the odor situation at Wilbros.

Tuesday, a local resident spoke to the county commission, expressing his concerns about the Wilbros’ odor.

He said that while in the past, he had e-mailed the county marshal with odor complaints, he had not done so in some time.

That led county commissioners to issue their reminder.

Stephens County Commissioner Dean Scarborough said residents who have complaints about the Wilbros’ odor should e-mail the county marshal when ever they wish to file an odor complaint.

“We know that it has not stopped smelling, so it is important that we keep getting complaints from people bothered by the smell,” said Scarborough.  “That is building a continual record that it is not getting any better.”

The e-mail address to use to send an odor complaint to Stephens County Marshal Tom Bennett is