Stephens County Back to School

Stephens County Schools are back in session today. Stephens County Schools Superintendent Bryan Dorsey says it is great to get the new school year started. “Certainly after the year we have had trying to deal with finance and feeling that we have made great progress on that, we certainly want to make sure our focus is where it needs to be and that is we are in a great community and we have great students. It is so important for us to make sure that we are providing them with opportunities.”
Dorsey says that many of the Fall school activities such as athletics, band, and JROTC have already started so there have been many students already at school and the momentum has already been building toward the first day. “You are always excited when you get to start the new school year for kids.” Says Dorsey; “We want to put them in new learning environments so they can see continued growth for themselves, and we just look forward to working with our students, families, and community.”
Dorsey reminds drivers headed to and from school to keep safety in mind, be patient, and look forward to a great first day and school year.