Stephens County Commission Meeting Today

Stephens County Commissioners will hold a regularly scheduled meeting this morning.

The county commissioners are set to meet starting at 8:30 a.m. in the second-floor courtroom of the historic Stephens County Courthouse in downtown Toccoa.

County commissioners are scheduled to begin with a public hearing for consideration of an alcohol license for the Calico Country Store.

Following that public hearing, Stephens County Commissioners will move into their work session to discuss items on today’s meeting agenda.

Items on today’s meeting agenda include consideration of approval of that alcohol license for the Calico Country Store, consideration of a motion to terminate the lease for property on U.S. Forest Service land on Highway 184 for voting purpose, and the consideration of the purchases of a pressure washer, break driver, and two heat pumps.

Following the work session, Stephens County Commissioners will move into the business meeting where they vote on the agenda items.

The meeting agenda also allows time for public comment.

Then immediately following today’s meeting, Stephens County Commissioners are scheduled to move into a work session to discuss SPLOST VI. That meeting is also set to take place in the historic courthouse.