T-SC Day Held In Atlanta

Representatives from Toccoa and Stephens County are back after making the trip to Atlanta Tuesday for Toccoa-Stephens County Day at the Capitol.

The Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of Commerce and the Stephens County Development Authority coordinated the day-long event in Atlanta.

Chamber Chair Lee Ellen Fields said the day provided an opportunity for local leaders to see and be seen by leaders at the state level.

“We had a photo op with the Governor and had a brief word with him,” said Fields. “We had lunch with people from the Department of Community Affairs. Rep. Dan Gasaway had lunch with us and we saw Sen. John Wilkinson. After lunch, we split up and saw a lot of other people who contribute to the well-being of this community.”

Fields went on to say that it is very important for local representatives to spend time in Atlanta meeting with state officials at events like this.

“People, cities, and counties who show up and let people know what is going on are remembered and we want to be remembered,” said Fields.

The theme for Tuesday’s Toccoa-Stephens County Day at the Capitol was “All Things Currahee.” Currahee Club golf course designer Jim Fazio was featured at the State Capitol as the Georgia legislature passed a resolution declaring Tuesday as “Toccoa-Stephens County All Things Currahee Day.”

Fields says that organizers want to thank Fazio for attending the events Tuesday, as well as others who attended and helped organize the event, along with North Georgia Credit Union, which provided Tuesday’s lunch.