T-SC Humane Shelter Wins Hero Award

The Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter will be recognized by the American Red Cross in Athens later this month with the local chapter’s 2014 Animal Rescue Award.

The rescue of nine dogs from a drained retention pond in February of this year prompted the nomination and subsequent selection for the honor according to Shelter Director Jeff Roberts.

“We received some calls about animals in a retention pond, and this pond had been drained for some maintenance work and it was such that the animals could get down into this area but they couldn’t get back up because it was sloped and it was a slippery slope” according to Roberts.

Because of a number of variables this effort required a number of people and rescue techniques.

“The animal control staff actually had to be lowered down and then hoisted back up holding animals.”

The rescue took a lot of time and patience on the part of several county departments.

Roberts says “This took a complete day with both the fire department and sheriff’s deputies out because these were animals that we didn’t know what there personalities were going to be; we had a tranquilizer rifle out there to get them under control. So it was a rather long process because there was no easy way to accomplish this.”

Roberts says he was contacted by the Red Cross for more details of the event which prompted the nomination for the award.

“The local Chapter based out of Athens of the American Red Cross has what they call Hero Awards where they recognize public safety officials; fire, police and people involved in working with animals. They had given me a call and asked for more details and had put in the nomination. We were notified that we were one of the winners of this award.”

The 2014 Animal Rescue Award will be presented at a luncheon in Athens on May 14 by the East Georgia Chapter of The American Red Cross